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News24gantalu.com is Online Media, with the Indian voice-based journalism.

News24gantalu.com focus on the Government schemes, employment news, current affairs, politics and cultural aspects of India.

News24gantalu.com was launched in 28 july 2015 by NAINI SRINIVASA RAO as Editor and Publisher, has 30 years experience in journalism.

News24gantalu.com established in SURYAPET, Telangana State, India – 508213

News24gantalu.com updated daily with original Editorial, Articles, Opinions, Interviews and commentary on current affairs, politics and cultural aspects of
India. In addition, we are providing News bulletine (Daily 3 times).

News24gantalu.com is owned by NAINI SRINIVASA RAO and operated by his own News Agency(Registered) i.e., NEWS 24HRS MEDIA SERVICES.

NEWS 24HRS MEDIA SERVICES provides News and Information to the mainstream media i.e., both Print and Electronic, through own news contributors
(own network) form allover Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State in India.

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